Over the past 17 years, our Multi-Award winner established band has built up a reputation as being possibly the most versatile

Party Band around.


The 6 piece line-up includes 5 musicians on piano/keys, bass guitar, electric guitar, drum kit, percussion and a female Brazilian vocalist singing comfortably in Portuguese, Spanish and English.


This formation can be expanded to a 9-10 piece including a full brass section and extra percussionist.


This Band can fill any moment of your event i.e. to please your guests during reception or whilst dining playing a background music setlist of a classy and sophisticated repertoire of Smooth Latin Jazz and Brazilian Bossa Nova. 


For your after-dinner entertainment, the Band will provide a sparkling and energetic live performance playing hot Latin and Brazilian up-tempo music, well-known Latin Pop and, upon request, Disco and Pop Charts.


A mixed setlist suitable for any occasion and to please audiences of any nationality. This will guarantee that the dance floor will stay packed all night.

You can book this Band together with our Brazilian Carnival Dancers for a full Latin Brazilian show spectacle experience.


Check our full show here Band & Dancers Show


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Depending on your needs we can provide different line-ups. Scroll down the page to see other options.


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Embraced by jazz aficionados for the quality of their performance, our Scalable Latin Jazz Band offers a stunning live music entertainment. Available as a Duo, Trio or Quartet.


Having performed in countries across the world including Europe, the Middle East and Africa, our Bands had the opportunity to entertain Qatar’s Royal Family, Footballers, VIPs and Celebrities with their Latin jazz lounge music.


Fronted by a female lead vocalist, her powerful performance is complemented by either a guitarist for a duo, guitarist and percussionist or a drum kit to create a trio, piano and double bass for the full sound of a quartet.


Boasting a broad repertoire of musical genres, our formations play Brazilian Bossa Nova, Samba and smooth Latin jazz lounge music, perfect for entertaining guests whilst dining, chat and mingle.   


Ideal for any Brazilian or Latin jazz-themed event, our striking Latin jazz lounge Singer has a wardrobe full of beautiful outfit and costumes. She would dress to impress in vibrant colours, glamorous beading, and splendid feather boas. 


Let our Scalable Latin Jazz Band create a visual spectacle that will mesmerise guests.


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Any questions? You may find your answers reading our FAQ





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